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Art and history, love and loss; Verona is one of the biggest and most important cities in Italy’s Veneto region. Once a prominent and powerful trading city, the vestiges of Verona’s splendorous past have been preserved as a UNSECO World Heritage Site.

From Roman constructions to Renaissance designs, there are a countless number of things to do in Verona, with the city a shining jewel of architecture that attracts tourists the world over. Whether for the history or its associations with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, here is what to do in Verona.

Stroll Across Ponte di Castelvecchio

Also known as Castelvecchio Bridge and Scaliger Bridge, this was once the longest bridge in the world. Built in the 14th century, it crosses the River Adige to connect to Castle Vecchio and is one of the city’s most stunning and recognisable features.

Deep red in colour, the bridge makes a striking statement against the backdrop of the river. To view the structure from a different angle, ascending the bridge’s tower also rewards climbers with a breath-taking cityscape.

Shakespeare in Verona

Romantics have long been making pilgrimages to Verona, in a quest for Juliet’s help. The setting of Juliet’s home, which is covered in ivy and complete with the famous balcony, literature lovers long to visit the city where Shakespeare set his famous tragedy.

In addition to visiting this popular Verona attraction, schedule the Basilica of San Zeno into the itinerary. The fictional setting of the marriage between Romeo and Juliet, it is also one of the most decorative and architecturally significant buildings in Verona.

Unwind at Lake Garda

Lake Garda is situated a short distance from Verona, with the lush green vineyards of Peschiera del Garda just 30km away. An area of outstanding natural beauty, the turquoise waters of this scenic lake are surrounded by a Mediterranean landscape, from the pebble beaches of Sirmione to the picturesque harbour at Desenzano del Garda.

Whether for a charming boat ride, a walk through one of the nearby towns, or for a glass of wine by the water’s edge, Lake Garda is the perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon.

Verona’s Largest Piazza

Home to many areas of historical significance, Piazza Bra is not to be missed. The largest piazza in the city, the square contains ancient architecture and beautiful restaurants, making it popular with tourists.

When visiting Verona on an Opera Tours Italy holiday, guests visit the piazza for the Verona Opera Festival. Overlooking the square, performances are held at one of the oldest and finest venues: Arena di Verona.

In addition to attending the world’s oldest opera festival, our itinerary incorporates leisure time. This allows you to discover the best Verona attractions and the surrounding area as you choose, for an unforgettable holiday in Italy.

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