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Visit Verona and Lucca

The perfect destinations in which to relax and unwind, visit Verona and Lucca to treat your taste buds to exquisite Italian cuisine, sample wonderful local wines and uncover ancient history in these two cities.

From singles to couples, and no matter your personal interests, both of these cities will keep you captivated as you move through cobbled streets or explore the surrounding areas, discovering everything from bustling piazzas to Mediterranean countryside.

Visit Verona

Situated in the northeast region of Veneto, Verona is a captivating medieval city. With architecture that includes stunning Roman, Medieval and Renaissance examples, you must visit Verona if you’re a true history enthusiast.

Best known for its association with Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers and the spectacular summer opera season, there is much more to see. A Verona walking tour through the city will take you along the banks of the scenic River Adige, past historic castles and towers, and grand houses that signify the wealth and power of its powerful trading past.

Venture past the city gates on a Verona walking tour for some of Italy’s most stunning landscapes. From Lake Garda’s pebble beaches and picturesque views, to lush green vineyards, rustic villages and Venetian villas.

Visit Lucca

A beautifully maintained Italian city, Lucca is located in the heart of the country, in the ever-popular region of Tuscany. Often overlooked for its larger neighbour, Florence, you’ll uncover plenty of charm when you visit Lucca.

Tuscany is famed for its dramatic landscapes, Renaissance art and delicious food, and Lucca is no exception. Take a self-guided Lucca walking tour to uncover ancient churches, skyline-dominating towers and the original city walls.

Beyond the city walls, adventurers will be greeted by glorious Tuscan scenery, whether you stick to a guided Lucca walking tour or wander off on your own. From the green-hued waters of the nearby Serchio River, to quaint rural villages, the outskirts of Lucca offer a peaceful escape.

Home to two of the highest regarded opera festivals in the world, these charming cities are calling out to be explored. With Opera Tours Italy, you will stay in handpicked hotels that are ideally located for when you visit Verona and Lucca.


By keeping our groups to a comfortable size we're able to book our tours into some of the most characterful and charming hotels you'll ever come across.

Always within walking distance of the major sites and always beautifully appointed, our hotels offer a warm welcome and a taste of true Italian hospitality.

Every hotel we use has been visited and approved by our team and we have excellent relationships with the owners of each one. So we know first hand that they all meet the high standards we expect for Opera Tours Italy guests.

Lucca - San Luca Palace

Situated close to a picturesque square in Via San Paolino, this stylish and welcoming converted palazzo nestles just inside the walls of the ancient city, a mere five minutes’ walk from its shops, restaurants, and narrow medieval streets.

Verona - Hotel Accademia

The Accademia Hotel is in the centre of Verona. Well placed on the Via Mazzini, the hotel is in the heart of the exclusive shopping area of Verona, conveniently positioned between Piazza Brà where the fabulous Arena is found, and Piazza delle Erbe with Guilietta’s House and legendary balcony.